If your dog has a nose – yes! Virtually dogs are all suitable to participate in nosework. This includes:

  • Puppies through to seniors
  • Hyperactive & high energy dogs
  • Dogs with less mobility, amputations and disabilities
  • Dogs recovering from medical procedures and surgery (with vet clearance)
  • Shy, nervous or anxious dogs
  • Reactive dogs
  • Dog who are not suited to group class environments
  • Dogs with no prior training experience
  • Rescue dogs
  • ALL breeds, shapes and sizes

If you have any questions or concerns about suitability for your dog, please contact us prior to enrolling.

No, they do not need any prior training or skills to participate. Dogs are crated or car crated during class between runs, so being comfortable to be in a crate or rest in your car alone is preferable.

To enrol into any of our courses or services, click on Book Online and select the course or service of your choice. The website will take you through the whole booking process. If you have any issues, please contact us.

We accept cash, internet transfer, debit/credit card (via Square App or online). Full payment must be made 48 hours prior to class commencing to secure your place. Unsecured places will be allocated to the next person on the waitlist. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding payment.

We know sometimes things happen, so provided you give us written notice at least 2 days written notice, we are happy to offer you a full refund. Anything under 48 hours notice will be subject to an administration fee of $30, the balance of your course fees will be refunded. Class and workshop fees are non-refundable or transferable once a course has commenced. If you are unable to attend the course, casual class or workshop, your fees will be forfeited. We do offer catch up classes, where possible, for any missed classes, but this option is not available for workshops or casual classes.

Please see below of what you need to bring with you for a safe and successful class. This will also be outlined in your confirmation of enrolment/welcome email.

Class can be a distracting with many novel items, people and environments. We want your dogs to be motivated to focus and participate, so please do not feed them their normal meal before class.

We don’t want your dog to be too tired to participate in class, but a short light walk or brief game fetch or tug game before class can help dogs with extra energy.

Please wear comfortable weather appropriate clothing, that you don’t mind if it gets dirty. You and all family members attending MUST wear fully enclosed shoes for workplace health and safety reasons. We recommend bringing a hat and sunscreen, as some classes may be held outdoors. For summer months, mozzie spray can be helpful. Some options will be provided that you are welcome to use.

If your dog is unwell (vomiting, diarrhoea, contagious conditions etc.) please do not bring your dog to class. Dogs can participate if they have been recently desexed, as it is a low impact activity and ideal to keep them amused during their prescribed recovery time. Dogs do not have to be desexed to participate in classes. Please do not bring female dogs in season (in heat) to class. Safety for all dogs and clients is our priority, so please contact us if you have concerns about attendance.

Due to the structure of this course, it’s essential you arrive at least 15 mins early, to set up your dog’s crate, toilet your dog and be ready for class. If you arrive late, we cannot guarantee your ability to participate in class that day.

We have dogs participating in nosework that require space from other dogs, so it’s important you are mindful of this and don’t allow your dog to stare at, greet, run up to or play with other dogs. We have a strict no greetings rule. Some dogs are triggered simply by the visual of other dogs, so please support other nosework teams at the grounds and do what you can to be considerate of their needs.

You are welcome to bring as many family or friends as you would like to class. All attendees must follow our safety rules and follow all instructions from Hide ’n’ Seek Nosework staff. Any children under 7 years old will need an additional person 15 years or over to supervise. We recommend bringing quiet activities for children to participate in (reading, colouring, iPads etc), so as to not distract or disrupt the other dogs in class.

Yes! Nose work is a class you can enrol and bring multiple dogs to, even if there is only one handler. Dogs participate one at a time, with others remaining in the crates until their turn. Please ensure you bring sufficient treats and all equipment needed for multiple dogs.

We welcome children to participate in the sessions, they make fantastic trainers! For safety and insurance reasons, we do request an adult over 16 is handling the leash at all times on the grounds, unless directed by staff otherwise. We are committed to dog-child safety and would be happy to chat about how to create safe and happy interactions.

Nosework classes run with a maximum of 8 teams (dog and handler) to ensure each dog gets as many runs as possible. This also allows us to coach your and your dog through the skills, to ensure you get the support you need to succeed.

We understand life happens and you may not be able to attend a class. We will offer, wherever possible, a catch up class in another group of an equivalent level, should there be a place available. We make no guarantees and this will depend on availability, as places in our classes are limited. Catch up classes are on a case by case basis and are solely at our discretion.
Refunds, partial refunds or course/service transfers will not be offered if you are unable to attend a class or multiple classes once a course has commenced. Please refer to our Enrolment Terms & Conditions for more information.

Our Sniffer Pass and Mind Body & Bowl Wellness Pass are 10 class passes, that enable you to attend casual classes, instead of committing to a full course. These are ideal for shift workers or those who have busy or varying schedules. Also great for returning clients who has previously completed a course or workshop with us and would like to work on a particular skill or simply just to pop in and have some fun in between courses or on a casual basis. The Sniffer Pass is for nosework classes, the Mind Body & Bowl class can be used across any combination of nosework, enrichment and conditioning classes. Some casual classes will have designated skills or prerequisites, these will be noted in the booking system. You can book and redeem these passes online through our booking system.

Enrolment Terms, Conditions & Safety Information

By enrolling into any of our classes or services, you accept all enrolment terms and conditions, have signed a waiver, and agree to follow all safety policies and staff instructions.

Failure to bring required equipment may impact you or your dog’s ability to participate in class. Please try to remember to bring to following, and any specific equipment required for your class.

  • Flat Enclosed Shoes
  • Current Vaccination/Titre Certificate (if not already provided upon enrolment)
  • Sufficient Food Treats
  • 2-3 Favourite Toys
  • Acceptable Leash & Collar (Harness)
  • Poo Bags
  • Crate
  • Water Bowl & Water
  1. Flat Enclosed Shoes

    It is a workplace health and safety and insurance requirement that all people attending training (including any children) are wearing fully enclosed shoes. Please leave a spare pair of enclosed shoes in the car to change into, should you forget. If you are not wearing the correct footwear, it may affect your ability to participate in class. You will not be offered a refund, partial refund, credit or course transfer for failure to comply with our safety requirements.

  2. Vaccination Certificate/Titre Record

    Please bring a physical or digital copy of your dog’s current vaccination or titre to your first class. If you are unable to provide this, your dog won’t be able to participate in the class or workshop.
We recommend you take a photo of it and store it on your phone so you have it on hand at all times.

  3. Meaty Treats (& treat pouch)

    Please have a large quantity, high value treats cut up into very small portions – no larger than the size of your little fingernail (half that for smaller breeds). Puppies will require half the size recommended above. If they can chew the treat, it is probably too big.

    For adults, we recommend a minimum of 1 full sandwich bag of treats, for puppies 3/4 sandwich bag should be sufficient. It is better to have leftovers that you can use for training later, rather than to run out during the consultation.

    Human (stinky, meaty) food treats work best. A mixture of a few different varieties is ideal, to keep things motivating and interesting for your dog. Even though your dog probably loves dry food and treats, they are are often not enticing enough around distractions or in environments outside the home. Some suggestions are below:

    – Cooked chicken or turkey
    – Cooked steak or roast meat
    – Cheese
    – Sausage
    – Bacon
    – Cabana
    – Leftover roast
    – Prime100 roll

    If your dog has allergies, dietary sensitivities or restrictions or is on an elimination diet, please contact us prior to your class if you need assistance choosing suitable treats.

    We recommend bringing treat pouch for classes, enabling you to have treats close to hand. There are lots on the market and its a personal choice, but we love the Doggone Good Rapid Rewards. We are looking to stock these in the future for client convenience. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing one.

  4. Toys

    Bring 2-3 of your dog’s favourite toys, that are highly motivating and something they really love to interact with. This might be a tug toy, a Kong, a ball or a plush toy. If you are unsure, bring a selection and we can see what will work.

  5. Leash & Collar (Harness)

    For classes a standard collar (or martingale) or front/back attachment harnesses are suitable. A head collar or halter is also appropriate, but MUST in addition to a standard collar or harness, as in most cases we want the dog to train without the head collar during classes. Choke (check), prong, shock or citronella collars are not permitted.

    Please ensure your dog’s collar and/or harness are in good condition and are well fitting (no risk of escaping the equipment).

    Leashes need to be a standard lightweight leash, 1.8-2.2 metres is ideal. Longer leashes 3m-5m are ideal for outdoor classes and activities, we recommend bringing it along if you have one, just in case. Ensure if it is in good condition and not at risk of breaking or failing. Please do not bring your dog on a chain or retractable leash.

    Your dog must be on leash at all times, unless otherwise instructed. Please ensure your dog is on leash before leaving the car. We will soon have waterproof leashes available for purchase and pick up at your class, please contact us if you are interested in purchasing one.

    If you have any questions regarding equipment, please contact us prior to class.

  6. Poo Bags

    We love responsible dog parents, please bring poo bags to clean up your dog’s waste. We will provide paper towel and F10/disinfectant spray to clean up on hard surfaces; owners are fully responsible for cleaning up after their dog. We train in a multi purpose venue and in public areas, so it’s essential we keep them clean so we are able to continue to use them.
 Please only use our bins marked with a sign for waste disposal.

  7. Crate

    Nose work is structured differently from other training courses, where each individual dog searches, while other dogs are crated or secured in car, waiting their turn. This allows dogs to feel comfortable to search without competition and also provides an activity and safe place for nervous, fearful or reactive dogs to participate and have fun.

    Please bring a secure hard or soft crate for your dog, with a cover or something to cover it. Car crating is also may be suitable, provided they can remain comfortable in warm or cool weather and calm. For warmer weather consider cooling mats, cooling bandanas, cooling coats and crate fans. We may modify class structures in high heat if we feel dogs being crated/in cars unsupervised in heat poses a safety risk.

    If you have any questions or concerns about crates or would like recommendations of where to purchase a crate, please contact us.

  8. Water Bowl and Water

    Multiple water bowls are provided at the venue, however, your dog may prefer to use their own, especially if they are nervous or reactive and would prefer to drink at their car. Dogs need to drink frequently to search properly, so its important they have frequent access to water. Classes may be held in public settings or alternate locations, where access to water may be more difficult.

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